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iamz will do its utmost to become a small but strong enterprise which has the dream and future. iamz makes an effort to build advanced management system to respond to rapidly-changing business environment through the innovation in the process and management.
We also put the customers first and put ourselves in customer’s shoes to make commitment to strengthening their competency as well as enhancing their efficiency.
All of our staffs with extensive experience and deep passion devote themselves to come closer to the customers a step.
We will make every effort to be the best enterprise that our customers can trust and depend.
Do you need an innovative but flexible business process?
Do you need a field-focused solution?

iamz will support to get the customized solution
that manufacturer requires at low investment cost.

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  • Experienced manpower’s participation in the project

    Those experienced in system development
    take part in the project, thereby developing the stable system based on their accumulated experience and knowledge

  • Upgraded system configuration environment

    A system comprising of Oracle DB and Java & Miplatform without interfering with OS environment, but it has the advanced environment in system configuration.

  • A Multilingual System

    It’s the multilingual system which is also simultaneously operable in overseas sites.

  • Systematic project methodology

    We carry out a systematic project that includes stable system and follow-up management based on experience.

  • Strict Inspection System

    It satisfies the customer’s needs,
    making the delivery on time, as well as realizes the perfect solution, thanks to more strict inspection system.

  • Solution specific design for the manufacturing industry

    iamz has accumulated its own knowhow on auto parts and electronics manufacture and optimized R&D competency as well.

  • Main Customer

    We promise you complete consulting and development. We will make every effort
    to be the leading company.

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  • Certification and Copyright

    iamz holds a variety programs and copyrights through continuous research and development
    of its own investments.

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iamz will get together with your dream and passion.

iamz pursues right
people who are adventurous and challengeable.

  • Informatization

    The person who has information analytical skill
    and is able to respond actively in the age of Internet, mobile and information-oriented society

  • International Competition

    The person who keeps promoting self-development and innovation so as to gain upper hand over advanced foreign competitors.

  • Challenge and

    The person who is aggressive and challenging to achieve the goal, taking a step forward, with the professional spirit

  • Humility

    The person who is courtesy and thinks and behaves from the opponent’s viewpoint, taking care of those in difficulty

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