Companywide productivity is enhanced and maintained through Strategy & Operations, Business and IT,
thereby offering the consulting services that further upgrades customer’s value.
To set and accomplish the goal of creating the customer’s value depending on vision, business territory
and needs and innovation, optimal customized consulting to optimize the core factors is delivered to
the customers to make ultimately their business a success.

IT Strategy

The vision and strategic consulting which will provide IT strategy and
IT organization management system that enhances the productivity necessary
to accomplish the business performance goal of the organization.

Process innovation / Business process-engineering

Implementing thorough diagnosis of existing work process and benchmarking
the advanced cases which will improve work process and innovation consulting,
leading to successful implementation of the strategy

Information strategy plan

Consulting for establishing a medium & long-term informatization plan,
enabling IT will identify the direction for informatization so as to provide
the support to achieve company’s management goal and performance.

IT Governance

Enterprise Architecture consulting to deliver IT products effectively in
a way of systemizing R&R among sales & marketing team, management team,
IT strategy team and service-providers.

Major Activities
by Implementation Stages
  • Management Strategies

    • Interview Executive
    • Review Business Strategy
    • Derive IT Needs
  • Evaluate informatization level

    • Grasp AS-is issue and improvement opportunities (work-site operation interview)
    • IT current status analysis and evaluation
  • Improvement Model Designing

    • TTo-Bo application /
      Information Technology Structure
    • To-be IT organization strategy
  • IT Master Plan

    • Define the Major project
    • Set up Master Plan
    • Grasp
      AS-IS Issue
    • IT Improvement
    • IT
      status evaluation
    • IT Improvement
    • Definition and Promotion of
      the PROJECT
  • Informatization
    Master Plan